Annie eats poo

Kat is the best


Enjoying my outfit today
MisterWives Coffins

How do you soften
The thought of carrying coffins
We were so alive



Oh my god

I’ve watched this 3-second clip like eighteen times 

Yas bae
"Sitting in front of a fish tank for a few hours will do you better than tearing apart your skin in a blind rampage much like that of a ravenous beast.
Your mother did not weep over your dismissal like a newborn child to have you beat yourself up again and again in your head trying to find answers to questions you can’t bear to ask.
Every day you feed your dog the pills she needs because of her surgery. It would be cruel not to. Treat yourself the same.
Illness of the mind is different from illness of the body but both can tear a family apart. Don’t let them tell you differently.
When you clean out your room there are some memories you need to keep away from others but always where you can find them.
You are your father’s daughter and you are not going to dissapoint him by not believing you are deserving of the littlest respects.
You should never make yourself uncomfortable.
One day the green swing outside will dissolve where as you will be strong and vibrant. You will carry that green swing with you and it will push away the confines of your heart."